Special Occasion & Transition

SpecialOccasionBlack tie affair? Mother of the bride? Weight loss? Job Interview? These are all special occasions and transitions in our life. We need to look these times as opportunities to put our unique signature on them yet remain appropriate to the event.

I will guide you through these potentially stress-filled times and make sure that the only thing on your mind are the special moments. Looking fabulous shouldn’t be a strain nor should it look out of character for you.

For every transition and every Special Occasion, there is a place for your personal style statement!

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My time with Barb was very exciting and productive. It felt very special to have someone focused totally on me for a few hours-pre shopping, discussing hair, doing makeup, efficiently working our way through multiple stores, looking for fun things suited to my coloring and body type, including accessories. I didn’t stay on budget but Barb did. She even helped me buy a formal gown. We tried on only one and it was perfect. Another first occurred at a recent formal event where a perfect stranger came up to me to compliment me on that same formal. The “safe old lady styles” I hid in before working with Barb never got that sort of reaction. Barb has convinced me to embrace my body type by gently camoflouging problem areas, rather than hiding it in unflattering, excessively bulky fabric. I’m indebted to her and eagerly anticipating our next session together. – Sandy C.