Once all of the work is done, your closet is full of clothing that perfectly reflects your personal style statement and looks great on you. You look and  feel better than you’ve felt in years.

The final step is to make it easy to use on a daily basis! I will coordinate your different looks including shoes and accessories. Each look will be assembled on a mannequin. Using your mobile device, I’ll take pictures of each outfit  so you can have them available to you when you need them most!

No more guessing what to wear or how to combine your clothing items and accessories! You’ll love how easy it is to get ready in the morning, and you’ll be energized by your confidence and fantastic look!

Call 913-634-5577 today to get started with your own savvy style!


I now enjoy a simple yet sophisticated wardrobe and accessories, a sleek contemporary hair cut with appropriate color that is easy to manage and maintain, and have modern glass frames. I continue to work with Barbara to keep my wardrobe purposeful and coordinated, while I continue to learn about skin care, and keep abreast of appropriate make-up trends. Change is good. No, make that fantastic! — Alice