GeorgeClooneyThe key element in projecting the image you want the world to see is to find your personal style statement. It’s easy to be distracted by what others think is fashionable or on trend, but what look do you love and fits your lifestyle? Through Savvy Style, I use a process to help you find it, define it, or cultivate it.

The Savvy Style Process

– In-depth questionnaire
– Your personal color palette
– Body shape/size analysis
– Your personal style statement

The process starts with finding out more about you. You will fill out an in-depth questionnaire so that I can first analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions as well as your likes and dislikes. Not only do I want to get to know more about your work and home activities, but about your preferences to things like accessories and even sensitivities to textures or textiles! I will also go over color theories and help you select a color palette, one that conveys the message that you want the world to hear when you walk into a room, before you even utter a word.

I will also help you understand your body shape and size and how to better accentuate the features you like best. Your clothes will be a rewarding aspect of your life again! Afterwards, I will devise an overall plan that parallels your image goals with what works best with your body type and colors most suited to you. I will help you find your best characteristics and enable you to minimize the concerns you’ve always had. My goal is to see you enjoy your new confidence!

Defining your style not only helps you dress according to your taste, it also helps prevent you from wasting money on items that won’t make sense to you once you get them home. Your style is forever and it doesn’t change dramatically. This is why your personal style statement is number one on the list. A style statement is like putting your own signature on the things you wear and the way you live.

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