Personal Style


Have you ever dreamed of having a personal makeover?

You don’t have to go on one of those reality shows to make your dreams come true. You can increase your self esteem and confidence by setting an appointment with me. No longer will you struggle to get dressed in the morning, be frustrated by shopping for hours at the mall, or end up with a bad hair day. I will help you define your style, stay true to yourself and energize you with a wonderful look.

Whether you need a top to toe revamp or just a few updates, I will address your needs and achieve the best look within your budget. Think of me as a clothing psychologist with a good sense about people. I know where to shop and can come up with a fashion solution for any problem. Call me for a great experience.

Need a unique gift? A gift certificate is a wonderful treat for anyone.

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Thank you for all you’ve taught me and helping me get out of my fashion box. It has been a blessing to my business. —Merna