Dress So It PaysMoving up to an executive position or getting ready to close the big sale, all call for making the most of what you have. Your personal appearance is the first impression you project to tell the world you can get the job done. Your associates will learn the psychology behind the use of clothing, color, and accessories to get the biggest pay off. Workshop may include individual consultation for each individual with suggestions on how to dress so it pays.


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Ms. Fishman has delivered her Savvy Style program for our company on numerous occasions. She is always well prepared, delivers current information, makes the class fun and interesting, and personalizes content to the individuals participating. We consistently get great evaluations of her programs, and will continue to invite her back. Barbara has a professional but easy going style and is very approachable to training participants. We’ve noted that many participants “stay after class” for an opportunity to get additional personal advice from her, and many follow-up with her after class to ask additional questions or seek further guidance. She is someone we are most proud to be partners with!!

— Mart Sedky, KCP&L