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Comfortable and cute?!

14 inches of snow and all I can think about is wearing my new little bootie for spring! I am shoe obsessed and I am always on the lookout for the newest trend but with one caveat. They need to not only be cute but comfortable. So take a peek at my new little purchase from my recent trip to Nordstrom in St Louis. Every woman needs a fun bootie for spring, just so you can let your amazing emerald toe color pop out. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, and of course shorts. These little girls are from Paul Green and so far they seem to fit my criteria. But just in case, I will use this snow day to wear them around the house before I hit the pavement on the next spring day.

One shoe can change your life Cinderella

Welcome to the Savvy Style Blog!

I am excited to be with you each week bringing you ideas, trends, tips and a little advice from time to time. Since this is a new adventure for me, I would love to have your comments and questions.

Many of you have asked how I came up with the name for my business. I thought a long time before making a decision and the reason is- I want you to have Savvy Style The savvy person knows how to do it right. Whether dressing for an event, entertaining the boss or being a good friend, you are well informed and know the how and why of the situation. Your style is the signature you put on all things you wear, your manner of acting and how you live your life.

When you put these two words together, the savvy person is able to build relationships that encourage personal and professional growth, is supportive of others, and helps to develop a circle of influence. So while you may think this is all about fashion, it is really about style.

Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.’ –Edna Woolman Chase