About Barbara


My greatest joy comes from helping people feel fabulous about the way they look. — Barbara Fishman

Barbara has always had an interest in the world of fabrics and fashion. From a young age, she learned about sewing through 4-H projects in the small town where she was raised. Her mother managed several small boutiques when Barbara was a teenager; this is where she learned the retail side of the industry.

She studied at the University of Kansas, and as a graduate of KU, Barbara spent more than 25 years working in psychology and nursing. Throughout this time, she gained an expertise in communication and a well-honed skill in human behavior. When she left nursing, she built a cosmetics business, and she spent 13 years advising individuals on their skin care needs and helping women create great looks with color. Part of what made her successful was her finesse in explaining not only what colors looked best, but what colors and products were appropriate for individual clients and their needs.

In 2004, Barbara was certified by Doris Pooser with Always in Style as an image consultant. It was a natural progression that she began consulting for friends and acquaintances who sought her advice and help with their wardrobe concerns. Because of her innate abilities with proper conduct in clothing, hair, makeup and behavior, the stage was set for Barbara’s next role.

In 2007, her dream of starting her own image consulting business became a reality with the opening of SAVVY STYLE. She began working with individuals and corporations to help them create great first impressions. She put her Master’s degree plus her collective knowledge and experience in the field of psychology to work for her. She has the ability to help guide her clients to make better choices and create that great first impression.

Barbara is also certified by The Etiquette Institute, an organization whose mission is to instill in children, teens and adults confidence, self-esteem and respect for others by blending the standards of traditional etiquette with contemporary manners. Etiquette combined with her image training this provides a total package of services.

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